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Thread: Action Replay backup with GC backup on wii

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    Arrow Action Replay backup with GC backup on wii

    I am kinda new here, really it is my first post.

    OK before I ask this people already tell me that you can't run action replay with a Gamecube backup. That is wrong because I have in the past. The thing is I don't know how I did it but it has been a while since I played a GC game. I had AR working for all my backups but now I can't get it to load game after action replay. I get a black screen evertime. The last game I played was Billy Hatcher and I used the AR to unlock everything.

    I know you can use AR with backup but I can't for the love of me fingure out how I did it. If someone knows how to get AR to load with GC backup. PLEASE let me know what you used. (MIOS, luancher, or anything else to get it to work)

    Thank you

    Update: Alright I have got a few games to work:

    Billy Hatcher
    Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and Underground 1 & 2
    Wario Land
    Wario Ware Mega Party Games
    Mortal Kombat D

    can't get Sonic mega or gem Colection to work.
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    This is directly from WiiGators GC backup loader readme.

    Note 26: Action Replay and Freeloader are only working when you press A to start it.

    Hope that helps solve your problem.

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    Yes I know I load with A everytime. I have read the ream me file and I still can't get some games to run. I guess it is just the game. Thanks for the help though.

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    I know some games like Star Fox won't load past the first few screens and Viewtiful Joe wont load unless its a multi game disc, and I think theres a compatability list floating around the net somewhere if youd like me to find it.


    Heres a few compatability lists:
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