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Thread: Running SCUMMVM games from USB

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    Running SCUMMVM games from USB

    Any know how to run SCUMMVM games from USB.

    Wii 4.1E
    Soft mod
    Hard drive 500Gb two partitions Fat32 and WBFS

    Games installed on SD card work but want to run games on USB hard drive which has more space.

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    I installed SCUMMVM yesterday, and that one has USB support.
    I suppose you know that the game files go on your FAT32 partition, and when you load SCUMMVM on the Wii, you "Add Game" and press the "Go Up" button till you get to the root where you can select SD: and USB: ... Just double click on USB:

    That was how it worked for me.
    If it doesn't work for you, might wanna check if you got newest version of SCUMMVM ?

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    When I go up I don't see the USB drive only FAT: which is the SD.
    And yes my USB drive is formated with fat32 & WBSF partitions (both primary active).

    What USB hard drive and version of scummvm do you have?

    One thing I might be going wrong on is, does the first partition have to be Fat32 or does it matter which order as long as you have a partition that is Fat32.

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    I got version 0.13.1 and a WD My Passport Ess. 500gb harddrive.

    My first partition is a FAT32 and then comes the WBFS.. maybe thats the problem

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    Hey i've solved it,

    The Fat32 partition wasn't set as active (could of swarn it was before).

    One more question, does NAND emulation basically allow you to install to a location other than internal wii memory" or does it just bypass the restricted 500MB discs space allowance from the wii.


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