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Thread: Some games wont load

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    Some games wont load

    Just bought a softmodded wii but tryed some new stuff on it and when booting screen flashs green then just hangs on the black screen also wii remote goes of.
    Any ideas as to what it might b???

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    Sounds like an 002 error. When using a softmodded wii it's important to keep it updated if you want to hum along with all the new releases. Yours probably has an older release of the disc loader you are using. You should be able to install a newer one via HBC or Wad manager. Check around your Wii menu to see what version of loader you are using and then compare with the new releases in the softmod directory of the forum.

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    What exactly did you do? what games fail?

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    i have a wii 3.3 and i put a gx loader on there, but anytime i pick the channel and it flashes gx loader as if its about to start, but it goes back to the wii menu. any ideas on how i can get this right?

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    do you have cios249rev14? if no, do this

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    Well the ones that dont work are kart racer and ashes cricket dont even load to the wii remote splash screen but yet ive had tigar woods 10 working,unsure to wad version but tryed a usb loader install so might have don something wrong.
    Any advice would b great as my last wii was chipped and never had any probs with games loading.

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    What ' soft loader(s)' are being used ?
    tried several ?
    get the latest cios_rev14 installed ?

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    Sorry got no idea as was bought already done any way to find out and any links to the best ones and how to install.

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    Just had a look about on the wii and im running 3.2E with bckup launcher 0.3 gamma,ios 249.

    Unsure what all that means so any help would b great.

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    you need to install cios249rev14. find the installer and the wad here. place all contents in SD card. Run the "cIOS38_rev14-Installer " with homebrew channel and select ios249 and SD cards then proceed... thats it

    if you want also Neogamma r7 which is latest backup launcher, search the forums
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