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Thread: LoadMii Error in FAT Initializing

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    Exclamation LoadMii Error in FAT Initializing

    Hi. I'm new to the forum so I'd like to say hello to everyone first. Secondly, I think I did something bad to my SD card. I was installing WiiWare games to my Wii via the WAD Manager, but then got an error because my system memory was full. So I decided to move some of the WiiWare Channels to my SD card and then went back to install more WiiWare games. Well on my third trip back to LoadMii I got this error: "error in FAT initializing, press any button to close." I would then press a button but nothing would happen and then LoadMii would freeze. I think it may be something with the SD card, although I'm not quite positive. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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    are u sure it is not full? if yes, try to back it up, format using FAT and then put the files back and retry

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    I am positive the system wasn't full anymore bc i deleted the other wiiware games i downloaded. I did reformat it a few times actually and i did back up all the files. What I ended up doing is I moved all the files to a different SD card and reinstalled HBC and all the channels and everything has worked. I'm wondering if something happened within the SD card, but have no clue what could possibly have happened. For right now everything is fine with the new card, but in case this ever happens again or to someone else, it would be good to have an explanation why and may a fix to it as well. Thanks for the help though.

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