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Thread: Wad manager 1.5 can't install from usb

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    Wad manager 1.5 can't install from usb

    Hi Guys,

    I cant seem to be able to install wads from usb.
    At the option "Select souce device I choose "usb 2.0 mass storage device" & keep receiving the error "ret = -1"

    I can install fine from SD but want to install from USB as I have a 500GB drive unlike my 2GB SD. plus as far as i'm aware, SDHC only goes upto 32GB.

    * UK pal Wii 4.1e softmodded
    * Wad manager 1.5 installed
    * Homebrew channel installed
    * Can install from SD
    * USB drive
    with 2 partitions, WBFS for wii games (this works fine)
    * the other fat32 with wad folder and wads.

    Clearly this can be done otherwise why would wad manager give you the option "select souce device"

    How can this be resolved, do i need certain folders or files in my usb drive for this to work?

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    LOL what kind of wad is bigger than 2gb? once you have installed your wad you can remove it from your SD and keep the backup in the pc

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    I believe those settings are to do with NAND emulation. Don't forget the Wii is limited to just 512MB of space and that includes the whole operating system. The limit is removed when emulating NAND but that technology is still in it's infancy. Most Wiiware is pretty small, yet fills up the Wii pretty quickly.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Wad manager 1.4 which does not support nand emulation also has option to choose source usb...

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    Hi guys,

    Perhaps I wasn't clear on my question.

    When using either WAD manager 1.4 or 1.5.
    I select these options to the below prompts,

    1. Select IOS Version to use: IOS249
    2. Select NAND Emulation device: Disable
    3. Select source device: USB 2.0 Mass Storage Device

    This then comes of with,
    "Mouting device, please wait... ERROR! (ret = -1)"

    If i choose Wii SD slot for section 3 I can then select available WAD files from the SD device.

    But I want to install from USB.
    Additonally when using SCUMMVM emulator , some of these games are 1.5GB (taking up most of the space from the SD card but not from 500GB usb drive).

    Is it possible to install WAD & Scummvm games from USB, and if not why does WAD manager give the option select source if only Wii SD Slot works.

    Sorry I this sound like an obvious question, I just can't figure it out.
    Thanks for the response so far.

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    What is scummvm? probably because its an emulator you install the emulator (never heard of it though) and run the emulator, then load the games from usb. Games can't be installed, you cant install 1.5G games in 512 internal wii memory (cheapy N designers...)

    ok googled it and found it... dunno what it does though.. can you provide your soudce?

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    SCUMMVM is an emulator for the old point and click pc games.
    This is copied to the apps folder of the SD card and ran from homebrew channel.

    You then choose add game and attach the folder containing each game.
    Some folders are over 1.5 GB, these games are not installed, just attached. but this emulator only finds my SD card too.

    My usb drive is a 500GB WD My Passport Essential USB

    Moving back to WADS, how do I install them to a USB drive.

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    you can't install them TO a usb drive that is insane. You can install the channel then move it to SD but not usb.

    I don't understand what you are trying to do... You have the emulator in the SD, install it or run it... What kind of wad file do you want to install??????? If the emulator does not support usb then that's it

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    I'm happy with Scummvm emulator installed on SD and it says it does support USB, but i'm dammed I know how.

    Basically it it possible to install wads on USB & how too.

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    I don't think you understand how the wii works..
    Everything is installed in its internal mwmory, that's what the wads do.. what do you mean you have installed in SD? do you run it from homebrew channel? then it is not installed. Did you install it with wad file and moved it to SD? u cant install in usb thats obsurd..

    i still don't understand what wad is the one you want to install.

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