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Thread: Verbatim DVD-R 100pk for $19.99

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    Thumbs up Verbatim DVD-R 100pk for $19.99

    While looking through the Sunday paper, i noticed that OfficeMax had a special on Verbatim DVD-R 100pk for $19.99.|pro dPage~15^freeText~verbitam+DVD-R^paramValue~true^refine~1^region~1^param~return_s kus^return_skus~Y

    SWEET DEAL....
    I was running low, perfect timing for me.

    Just wanted to give heads up to anyone who is also running low and wants a great deal.

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    Just went and picked up mine last night! I stumbled on it though. total accident

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    i wish i could get them. THeres no store close to me, and if i order online, the total price is $28 ($8 shipping)

    (If you have to order the dvds online, i recommend going to amazon instead $27 + free shipping; every dollar counts)

    My dad is so cheap though; he still said $20 dollars for 100 dvds is too expensive and hes looking for a cheaper price

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    20 cents a disc is too much... no way

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    newegg has this for 13.99 with free shipping but its a 10 dollar mail in

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    Thanks for letting us know to bad I just got a 100 pk from newegg and it was about seven or eight bucks more but with free shipping. I don't think that it had a rebait.

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    Now they're 59.99 =(

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    Us Great Deal!!

    $19.99 is a great Deal!! Make sure you stock up!! Its like fifty something at best buy!!

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    sams every day is like 29 + tax, a little expensive but worth every penny...its like 33 with taxes, so .33 cents a disc is not bad in my eyes considering if i wait for sony to go on sale they are usually 24.99 plus tax so its like .04 cents cheaper for sony discs

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    Buy a Usb HDD and then you will not need to buy the disks anymore.
    Who wants to keep burning, storing, and load disks all the time.

    For $20 bucks more then the pack of disks...............

    Don't forget the thanks button...


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