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Thread: Can't Install wads from USB

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    Can't Install wads from USB

    Hi Guys,

    I cant seem to be able to install wads from usb because I keep receiving the error "ret = -1"

    • UK pal Wii 4.1e softmodded
    • Wad manager 1.4 installed
    • Homebrew channel installed
    • Can install from SD
    • USB drive with 2 partitions, WBFS for wii games (this works fine)
    • the other fat32 with wad folder and wads.

    Any ideas what obvious mistake i'm making?

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    Wouldn't it just be easier to install them from the SD card?

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    Your probably right, but my SD card is only 2GB and my USB drive is 500GB.

    Some of the games i'm installing like SCUMMVM games are over a 1GB taking all the SD card space up plus the wii ware totals to 8GB. So I would like to figure out how to install via usb.


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