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Thread: cIOSCORP v3.3 Released!

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    cIOSCORP v3.3 Released!

    Is cIOSCORP v3.3 safe for wii 4.1?
    Will formating the wii resolve any issues that might happen from cIOSCORP v3.3?
    i have installed HBC but get error2011 when trying to load the opera browser wad, will installing cIOSCORP v3.3 resolve this issue?

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    Do not format the Wii the nintendo way, it just messes things up, read to make your Wii like it was when you first bought it.
    And yes, cIOSCORP is safe for 4.1.

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    not recommended though... 2011 is regarding the trucha bug. and from cios corp, there is no return... do you have installed the 249 cios?

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    no i did not install 249 cios as i read in the RN for cIOSCORP v3.3 that is already included

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    You should do the TBR process, although i am not sure if it can be done when cioscorp is installed

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    I'll second the "no return" comment

    cIOScorp changes the revision number of most of your system IOSes to 0xffff*, meaning they can no longer be upgraded or downgraded through normal means (they must be written over, by something like Dop IOS or Wad Manager). If you want to know what you might be in for with cIOScorp, look here.

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    Thanks for all the info.
    Basically I am looking for the easiest way to play backup disks as well as load the browser WAD (i get err2011 which IOS 249 fixes) - cIOSCORP v3.3 looks like it is all bundled for easy install - Pls. correct me if i am wrong
    Also did any one install cIOSCORP v3.3 on Wii 4.1 USA version

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    advice: its noob friendly but it really messes wii up better use this works for everyone

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    when i tried to run the cIOSCORP v3.3, it asks for CIOS rev 7 - what is that?

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    cIOS rev7 means cIOS249 revision 7 it is what cIOSCorp needs to run, atleast rev7 or above to get rev14 follow this:

    And like everyone, I'm warning you cIOSCorp is a one way ticket to doom.


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