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    Help Appreciated

    I have been following this tutorial and have got everything to work but IOS50-64-v4889 will not install as it returns an error saying "Installing title... ERROR! (ret = -1035)

    My goal is to get the Backup launcher working, I am trying this on a 4.0 wii and it currently shoes IOS36 when entering the backup channel.

    Help VERY much appreciated,


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    IOS50 is not need for backup launching.

    IOS50 is the System menu on 3.4 and is only required if you downgrade your menu at some stage to prevent you bricking your Wii.

    Leave it out if you will never downgrade to 3.2 or 3.3.
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    Ok cool, so how do i get backup launcher working? i have the channel installed but it errors and says "DVD Read Error 1101 no cIOS" using the NeoGamma R7 Channel, IOS36, (Rev 3094) When I first load it is says I need IOS249
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    Ok I managed to get it to IOS249 using a CIOS installer, but still am having troubles (I feel I am getting so close though) On the NeoGamma V7 Backup Channel it gives me an DVD error of (1001) and on the 0.3 Backup Launcher Application it gives me an error of 324.

    Can anyone shed light on this situation? Thanks in advance.

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    i think this is a media error. use dvd-r, verbatims will never cause problem. also burn at lowest possible speed


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