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Thread: My review: Ultimate Band

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    Cool My review: Ultimate Band

    Ultimate Band

    * Disney Interactive Studios
    * Rhythm / Music
    * Release: Nov 18, 2008
    * ESRB: Everyone 10+

    My review of this game:

    Controls: 8/10
    You play like air-instruments, real fun, realistic-kind-of-ish, unresponsive sometimes (but there's a fix to this)
    Gameplay: 9/10
    Its really fun, 30 songs, but I wish it was longer.
    Design: 9/10
    Because its just cartoon, i'd say it isn't bad graphics at all! The stages is the prettiest graphic
    Are you kidding me, these are real actual songs, and there's really good rocking music
    Find the full music list here:
    The mojojojo:

    Honestly, I don't know a lot of people hated this, this is like the alternate 'rock band' if you guys didn't want to spend 100-100 dollars on the game and guitar/drums.

    Seriously, all you would need is nunchucks and the wii-remote, and this game kicks ass.

    You play the nunchucks and wiiremotes as if you were playing air-instruments and such. My favorite playing this is the drums, people do claim the controls being unresponsive making you miss the notes and not working for a while. Well All i do is go to wii remote settings, hit reconnect, and play again. It runs smoothly, and it EXTREMLY fun. Atleast to me. You can play with other 3 people, and there are : guitar, drums, frontman, and bass.

    The difficulty of each level to me is:

    Bass: the hardest one, if your playing hard mode, you'll get use to it, and start doing crazy-ass notes ever.

    Guitar: Not as hard, but harder than the other 2 below, similiar to bass not not as much

    Frontman: this one is the one i think is unresponsive when playing 'hard mode' but when you get use to it, it comes down to moving your hands a lot, but you don't actually get to sing, sucks, wish they at least had the lyrics on the screen or something.

    Drums: the easiest, but the funnest, when you play extreme level, with hard mode, its still kinda easy when you play it a lot, but its intense and has a lot of notes to hit. Anyone can play this.

    Well, there is about 30 songs, and there is no online play, just only online high score, when you beat this, there's only three battles that you go against the computer (or arrivals of the band) , its still fun after beating it, but playing too much gets me sick. A lot of songs to play, and its stilla cheap way to play alternate rock band. Sorry if i can't really explain that much.

    but the other things you could do is buy clothes and new instruments as you earn money for performing and battle.

    I would write more, but i don't know what to say for now. Hope you enjoy the game!
    My opinion: It totally kicks Wii Music in the mouth
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    cool - can you help?

    how can i get this to run in neo gamma on 4.2? i know i have RULE4Q. can you help een searching everywhere for help...

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