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Thread: Rabbids Go Home - The next Rabbids game!

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    Thumbs up Rabbids Go Home - The next Rabbids game!

    Rabbids Go Home

    * Ubisoft
    * Ubisoft Montpellie
    * Adventure
    * Release: Nov 3, 2009

    My opinion: I love their other games, I think it was called Rayman Raving Rabbids 2? And their other series, such fun mini-games. I just can't wait til they release this one, just for family/party fun. It might not be fun to others, but their gameplay is hilarious. Hopefully it'll be better than the TV series they had.

    Game information:
    Rabbids Go Home for WII - Rabbids Go Home Wii - Rabbids Go Home WII Game

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    I've got high hopes for this one... From the few videos I've seen, I think this one could be a real gem.

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    I'm looking forward to this too, I've got Raving Rabbids 1, 2 & tv party. Wasnt overly impressed with TV party but if this is as good as if not better than the first two games, I think it will be a winner.
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    Yeah, the TV series weren't as fun as the first two games. I'm sure this should be the winner of them all!  16884

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