This is a bit of a continuation of another post of mine stating the legalities of buying, installing, and owning a mod chip. i felt this was a slightly different topic and my last post was a bit long... anyway, here this is. (Again I am speaking in terms of U.S.A. here folks.)

I have been asked (and have seen people asking) why many companies are now refusing to ship modchips to the U.S. The fact that they are doing this means they are illegal. Right?


Just because they have changed policies and refuse to ship chips to America doesn't automatically make the chip illegal to own, install, or operate. All this means is the U.S. is a suehappy nation and we are making a HUGE deal about piracy right now. game corporations are putting pressure on these companies to stop selling to the U.S. Even though they may be well within their legal boundaries (see my post on legalities of chips) they don't want to go to court. They don't have the funds to defend themselves (even if what they are doing is legal) and it is easier for them to just not ship to the U.S. rather than take the risk of having to go to court.

I have bee asked where it is safest to get a chip. Probably any place that has been up for a while (or any place people have created links to and others have VERIFIED their credibility) is a safe bet. If you are totally freaking out that you will get busted, DON'T DO IT. it is not worth the mental anguish and worry that you will go through. if you are just casually asking or wondering and wanted a little peace of mind, here it is.