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Thread: Am I setup ok?

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    Am I setup ok?

    Thought I had followed all the directions, but then again......................

    On the WII system settings window it shows version 4.1U
    Serial number on the Wii is LU336661326

    Here is what is in the root directory on the sd card:

    Folder labeled Apps
    Folder labeled Private
    Fokder labeled WAD
    cIOS 38_rev13b-installer.dol
    Downgrade IOS35.dol
    Wad Manager 1.4.dol

    In the apps folder:

    A folder called WAD manager
    Inside that foler is boot.dol, icon.png, meta file

    In the WAD folder:

    Inside the Private folder:

    A folder called wii
    Inside the wii folder is a loc.bak, loc, and a folder called title
    Inside the foller called title is a folder called aktn
    Inside the folder called aktn is a vlc media file called content

    I would like to put backed up games on a USB - so I need some files for that. Can you assist me in determining the right ones and where I can get them?

    Also, I am unable to load the MPLAYER files. I get error message
    Error - 2011 Installing DVD stub ticket and
    Error - 2011 installing stub (or sub?) Any advise here?

    Would like to load games via usb. Can you tell me where to get the files?
    Can you also tell me how to replace files if there are newer versions?

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    Not sure where you are up to with your softmod but going to the foot of your post I see a classic issue.

    Error -2011 can be fixed by TBR,

    You'll need to install your cIOS, either 13b which you have in apps or get hold of cIOS 38 rev 14 installer which is slightly more up to date. cIOS38_rev14-Installer.rar
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