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Thread: cIOS38 Rev 14 error

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    Smile cIOS38 Rev 14 error

    Hi I'm a n00b to the whole wii hacking, I have a wii running on 4.1u I bannerbomb hacked it and everything worked successfully, I just updated to cIOS38 rev 14 and now half the discs i used to play in backup loader channel won't load or give me the #002 error, how would I go about reversing this or fixing this? Or how could I just start loading from a usb harddrive? can someone help me please. thanks.

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    If you have neogamma R6, use that to play your games but in the config menu turn the 002 fix on.

    If you don't have it:
    NeoGamma R6.rar

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    Ok so I downloaded and ran that in HBC and I get a timeout error, or the disc loads and says cannot play game, please refer to owners manual. I don't know what to do. Would it work easier if i ran the games from a usb harddrive? I guess I just don't understand the IOS thing. How do you set which IOS your system uses? In HBC It says i'm using IOS61? O_o
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