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Thread: Guitar Hero 5 and backup loader not working

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    Guitar Hero 5 and backup loader not working

    Anyone have an idea on how to get this to work with Neogamma disk loader?
    I am getting a black screen

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    Dude..there are like 3 other posts on how to get this working...use the search feature in forums....

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    I have seen post about USB loaders but not Disc Loaders..

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    netaware is right - I haven't seen a Disc Loader walkthrough, although there is a USB loader method.

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    same here, seems most post are for usb loading not disk..

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    has anyone figured out how to get a disk to work? im runnin 4.1u but i dont have wifi..

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    Read my guide:

    Click here
    I love this site!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demo777 View Post
    Read my guide:

    Click here
    Once again - this thread is regarding the Neo Gamma Loader with a burnt disc - not the USB Loader. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe your guide refers to a USB Loader method.

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    Yea so far all the guides have been for USB loader. Not so much for disk loading.. Hopefully some guide will come out or another IOS to install but I guess for now we have to chill...

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    I heard some one got it working with softchip on gbatemp but i havent tried it yet and i lost the thread. will post if i come across it again.

    Here is something on n torrents

    Version Tested: NTSC-U - by RockMan_Forte
    Wii Region: NTSC-U
    Wii Firmware: 4.0U
    Modchip: none
    Modchip Firmware: none
    Notes: SoftChip with IOS 37 (Rev 65535)
    With only these options enabled:
    Remove 002 Protection
    Fake IOS Requested
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