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Thread: Sports Resort USA backup "Disc cannot be read"

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    Sports Resort USA backup "Disc cannot be read"

    I have a wii with 4.1u system menu with a wiikey.
    It plays every game (backup or not) fine, new M+ games included (e.g. grand slam).
    But when I try to play a backup of Sports Resort (used the PROMiNENT one), and it is of course NTSC. Problem is, even though the wii recognizes the game in the disc channel, and it gives the safety warnings at the start, it gives a "disc cannot be read" error immediately after giving the warnings, when I play it via disc channel.
    Anyone know how to solve this?
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    what do you run it with?

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    I run it via disc channel.

    I am also adding this info to my first post.

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    try tunning it from negamma r7 with alternate dol method there is a thread about it

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    I'm guessing there's no way to get it to work from the disc channel?
    Would an original work with the disc channel?
    And could you please provide a link to the thread you're talking about?

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    dunno what the problem is actually might be a bad copy or bad burn. search around here don't be lazy... i guess i don't have to talk to you about how bad dvd+rs are and use verbatim-r at 2x?

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    I know about +R's and -R's, but I never really paid attention to that because all my games are playing fine. Now I checked and I did burn this on DVD+R....

    I'll get to a store and buy some -R's asap, I'll report back if that doesn't work, or I'll continue searching....


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    have you resolved this problem? the same thing is happening to me, but i'm running 3.4U with a wiikey.

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    sounds like a bad disk. i have a wiikey2 and is able to sports resort with no problems. i use imgburn at 2x and use memorex dvd-r $20 from walmart. get a couple bad burns once in a while but just let it burn n don't use ur comp and works almost everytime. problaby 5 bad burns outta 100+ movies and games.

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    it's definitely not a bad disk, i've burned it four times on the same dvd-r i use for all my other (working) games. i've even gotten the wii motion plus demonstration video to play once, and a save file was created. this same problem has occurred for many other people as well.

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