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Thread: no iso after burning wii play

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    no iso after burning wii play

    after i burn wii play using imgburn, and nero burning rom there's no iso file in dvd-r?
    is it succesful burned?
    because there no file in my dvd-r

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    That's an award winning noob question, i will nominate you personally...

    open imgburn->writefile image to disc->please select a file click the folder with the plus and select your iso->select your drive and lowest possible speed->click write, after 15' you are ready.

    If you did that go play the burned file with your wii

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    so its gonna work i browse my dvd but its empty "I already did that burning method"

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    yes if the imgburn told you that it was successful. I never tried to browse the dvd with windows, and i don't have to. Just pop it in the wii and test it it's not gonna brick you or anything

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    Browsing a Wii DVD in your PC will show it as empty because it is in a format your PC cannot understand.
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    obviously... also you can't open the iso file with winrar, (which you normally can for other isos)


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