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Thread: Super Paper Mario Blank Prob.

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    Super Paper Mario Blank Prob.

    Hi all. First of all sorry if that's not the right place to post tihs.
    I have problem with Super Paper Mario. It's PAL version and my Wii is PAL with fimware 2.1E. I patched the game iso with Wii Brick Blocker and burned it on a Sony DVD -R. So when i click on the channel everything is fine...until I press START. Then the screen just blanks out. I can't do anythin or maybe just can't see what am I doing? I don't know it's just black screen. Any ideas?

    P.S. Sorry the bad english.
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    Its the brick blocker... why did you patch brick blocker if the game is pal and you have a pal system. No need to do that... can only brick your wii if you update to a frimware different than your console region.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    Well the thing is that I tried to burn it without the brick blocker but it asked for update and it's PAL! That confused me so I used brick blocker. The problem also appeared with Metroid Prime 3 (also PAL version). I heard about changing TV settings and such stuff but since I'm noob at this I don'y know how. If it's Wii System Setings -> Screen -> TV Type I tried 60HZ and 50HZ. At 50 it's blank, at 60 it says that is unable to read disk and I must turn it off and for more troubleshooting...whatever.

    P.S. When the screen goes blank all I can do is eject the DVD and plug it out.
    All help is appreciated.

    EDIT: Oh you mean it's OK to accept the update when it's my region? And if I accept it my firmware will be updated to higher version? Please tell me if it's safe to accept the update.
    Sorry for bad english.

    Oh yeahI forgot to mention that my chip is Wiikey.
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    I had the same issue with Metroid Prime. My wii is NTSC and was up to date. When I put Metroid Prime in (NTSC) it asked to update. I said yes, and then it realized my wii was already up to date and the game ran. As long as your wii is PAL and the game is PAL (same region), you can update.


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