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Thread: Best roms?

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    Best roms?

    Actually we need to reorgance this board, because i never know where to post somethign ....

    Okeay, the cool thing about virtual console is, that you can easily start and and the nintendo tells you what you *need* to have to be hype.

    Well on the other hand VC is really expensive ...

    ROMS are free, but maybe a bit illegal. But the realy problem with roms is that there are so many ...

    So could anybody tell me what are good SNES (or other systems with emultaros for the wii) games to play on my wii? peace. :-)

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    nio not one to ask question.

    You use a computer to chat on here?

    be easier for you to just get an emulator on your conmputer and test them out your self see what u like.

    Then if you choose to spend your cash on virtual console its up to u
    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch

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    Naaa, thats not what I wanna hear.
    I wanna hear something like: Go play Super Mario 3 and return when you are done ....
    The best thing would be, when everybody plays that stupid game so we can compare scores.

    That would actually be a cool feature ... an alternatie to virtual console ... on the one hand every week nintendo suggests 3 retro games to play ... and on the other hand this board suggests 3 retro games to play, but ones that you can get for the available emultators for the wii

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    Depends on what you like man. Tough to recommend games if you don;t tell us what genres you like. if you like them all then get a ton, and load them to an SD, or burn them to a disc, you can fit everything for NES SNES Genesis and Gameboy(s) on one disc.... probably discover games you never new existed.
    I don't have torrent site invites...


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