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Thread: SD Gecko, what can I do?

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    SD Gecko, what can I do?


    I just got my SD Gecko and wonder what I can do with it.

    I bought it so I can save games from emus (i still dont know how that is going to work), but I wonder if I can do anything more with it.

    Well provide me with cool links, thanks.

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    For started you can rip games directly to your SD card via the wii gecko and boot disc. You can prolly do this with any chip, I use WiiKey
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    You can do lots of things with Gecko adapters!

    I personally use USB Gecko which is better and really easy to transfer backups and gamecube saves to pc. Got it from Adictron
    They offer nice price with worldwide shipping and have in stock both SD Gecko and USB Gecko.

    What can you do with SD Gecko? I think the proper question would be what can't you do with it?

    You can:

    -Play emulators with roms and saves stored in the SD card: Tehskeen

    Which emulators? Atari, NES, SNES, Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, GameBoy- GB Color- GBA, Scumm, PCE, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo CD, MAME, Nintendo 64, etc

    -Play GameCube backups stored in SD cards: SD-Boot

    -Play homebrew games and other scene applications as bioses

    -Manage saves to pc (though this fails sometimes): mcbackup

    -Rip backups: sd-dvd


    You can use Gecko products with a moded GameCube or a moded Wii.

    You can also use them with an unmoded GC/Wii through SD Gecko + Action Replay method: AR + SD Gecko
    And seems that is in the work a way to play them on Wii only with the aid of an original Zelda disc.
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    Thanks for the tips.

    My favourite shop arround the corner also started to sell USB Gecko, I guess I ll get one of those too.

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    Wii homebrew scene is taking giant steps lately... I found a Wii homebrew game that turns your Wiimote into a vibrating dildo!!

    And for people interested, you can get SD Gecko for 5 at Adictron, and they offer worldwide shipping


    Someone sent me a PM asking how to use sd-dvd with USB Gecko. It have its own dumper through USB directly from Wii to your computer, so no need to use sd-dvd

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    sd gecko and wii

    So I'm wanting to 'cheat' at some Wii games via cheat codes (like action replay) ... now I know its easier with the USB Gecko, but I was told that it can be done with the sd gecko ... earlier in the thread there was a link to some information...but I'm a new to the sd gecko stuff ... can someone break it down to the 'not so smart when it comes to the sd gecko' crowd .... what do i need to do so that I can use the SD Gecko to use cheat codes on wii games.


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    just install gecko OS via homebrew channel *read some tuts theres like 20 in the faq section pick the one you find best*
    download ocarina, and get the code manager
    pick your games, and make a GCT
    export to your sd card
    and boot them like that

    its free, and only takes like 10 mins

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    ok, my wii has to be modded?

    I know with the USB Gecko I don't have to have an unmodded wii to use it as an action replay.

    can i use the sd gecko as an action replay without my wii being modded?

    thanks for the help!

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    I just downloaded gecko os 1.07b for homebrew beta 9 and I was wondering how to use it. I want to use it for the region free freature but when I load it from homebrew there is just a blank screen. Do I need a usb gecko to use the app? My main question is why is there just a blank screen when I use it an no options to pick from?

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    some games need something so if you dont have it, it will give black, or its not working right, or it need a option setting

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