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Thread: Homebrew loaded but not reading files

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    Homebrew loaded but not reading files

    Have v4.1e and just installed Homebrew.

    Trying to load, back up launcher etc hower eveyone assumes you know how to load these files. If I understand it right you put the files into a file called APPS on your sd card, go to homebrew page and it then finds the files for you to load. Is this correct?

    However my Homebrew page has no info on, simply rising bubbles. The home button works indicating that all working.

    Please tell a thicko like me what i'm doing wrong as I've pulled out all my hair!

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    Are you putting the folder of the app into the apps folder properly (I mean the folder with the file called boot.dol) Wad Manager for example,

    SD Card:apps:Wad Manager

    and inside the wad manager folder you would have a file called boot.dol. Also remember if the .dol isn't named boot so it looks like boot.dol, it won't show up. Also i heard SDHC cards may not work on homebrew, are you using a SDHC Card?

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