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Thread: Bypass BootMii boot2? Annoying

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    Bypass BootMii boot2? Annoying

    Hey all,

    Recently installed BootMii/boot2 on my LU34 Wii and it's great. I have a backup of my NAND saved on my HDD and everything.

    Problem is, since my Wiimote doesn't work in the BootMii menu, I have to manually cancel out of it every time (see: hunch over and press the damn console buttons).

    I also lack a GC controller, so think of that before you offer a suggestion.

    Is there anyway to "set aside" BootMii until I NEED it but not make it so that it's not actually doing anything? What I mean is...bypass the BootMii menu until I actually need it.

    If there is a shortcut to do this that I'm missing, please enlighten me.



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    Copy the NAND Backup and the bootmii folder from your sd card onto your pc and never delete them.

    Then delete then from your sd card. Boot2 will only load when the bootmii folder and is on your sd card.

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    Alright, well how would I access BootMii if I brick?

    Is it loaded onto the Wii and is enabled by the folder being there?

    What I'm saying is I don't want to delete BootMii by removing the folder.

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    I found a bit of information for you

    * BootMii only supports Gamecube controllers and the Wii's own buttons (Power/Reset/Eject)
    o Wavebirds are sometimes recognised/sometimes not. Try ensuring they are switched on before turning on the Wii
    * The Power button chooses the next option and Reset button selects an option. Eject is only neeeded when prompted.
    * If BootMii is installed as boot2, you can make BootMii autoboot to the system menu or Homebrew Channel after a specified number of seconds of inactivity by altering sd:/bootmii/bootmii.ini by adding or changing the following lines:
    o BOOTDELAY=5 (or any other number)


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    That is perfect! Thank you.

    Same to you Sonic. It accomplishes the same thing but with a more permanent effect (and you don't have to deal with delays or anything to boot).

    Thanks guys!


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