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Thread: Where to get authentic mod chips for US?

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    Where to get authentic mod chips for US?

    I would like to buy an authentic cyclowiz v2, but can't find any good places. I've seen some canadian places like and others will not ship to the US, and other vendors are either sold out, over charging, or just has non secure websites. The US sites from team cyclops do not have any chips.

    I would like to install this only to play some imports and be able to play my backup copy of Zelda, since the original has a crack in it. I'm looking for cyclowiz just so I can easily install the switch incase I need to update my system later.

    So anyone know any good, clean websites where they can be purchased in the US? Or how about sites in other countries that are not a ripoff with shipping?

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    It is a rough time right now in the modding world, companies seem to be cracking down like mad on chips.... most likely because they were released so early in the console's life. What do you consider overpriced? I got my wiikey for about 40 bucks 3 months ago. Really, alot has changed since then. Tons of torrent sites have been shut down and alot of places in Canada don't want to deal with the US anymore because of our strict laws. At this point depending on how overpriced the chip is, if you can get it I recommend you do so. I am assuming you are wanting to play ISO games that you download so even if the chip is as high as 100 bucks the thing will play for itself after 2 games. I got my chip from
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    That may or may not be able to help you.
    I don't have torrent site invites...


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