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Thread: My Problem with USB Loaders (HDD related)

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    Angry My Problem with USB Loaders (HDD related)

    Ive tried 3 USB loaders so far (GX, Waninkoko's, and Neogamma) and for all of them, i have the same problem. My HDD keeps turning on and off while the loaders are looking for it. If im just idle in the system menu, theres no problem with my HDD. Recently, my HDD doesnt always get recognized.

    - Freecom 2.5" FHD-2 PRO 40gb
    * The power cable is actually a usb cable, so i have to plug the power thing into the wii, or my laptop (ive tried both). Usually, the HDD is powered without the power cable.

    If you need to know anything else, just post or PM

    EDIT: Wii info
    3.3U v1
    Softmodded with bannerbomb
    cIOS38 rev14
    Trucha bug not patched
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