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Thread: sot modding korean wii by banner bomb tutorial

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    Wink soft modding korean wii by banner bomb tutorial

    Okay friends ben long 4-5 days working on 3.3k withouut chipping and without zielda by using bannerbomb and finally worked , iam now on 3.3u softmoded korean wii and here is the steps

    1- Download this manual

    2- Download the korean whole alone file here.

    3- Unrar it then change boot.dol to boot.elf

    4-Download from bannerbomb( thats what i had tried) and unziped and copy privat folder to the rest of whole korean folder

    5- copy all the items to the root of the sd card.

    6- the rest is as usual wii settings=> wii channel => banner bomb.

    7- skip the twilite section on the manual caus we are using bannerbomb now.

    8- be carfull that all the ios , wads are installed correctly when the wad batch installer run .

    9- follow the rest of the manual for region and language change.

    10- it will take a while but i promise it will worth it.

    11- tested on 3.3k wii and worked 100% , seems that the problem wasent wit banner bomb but with the patched home brew channel

    12- Least could do for this beautifull site

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    Great instructions...thanks...worked like a charm!

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    U well come

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    hi i am not able to download the manual can some one help me !

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    well friend the link is working fine ?

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    sorry there was some problem with my browser !then i figured it out and used internet download manager ! and it worked fine thank u very much !!!!!

    and can someone plz help me hacking wii korean model 3.5k firmware


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