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Thread: Noob-help for mod chip install/hacking the Wii

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    Noob-help for mod chip install/hacking the Wii


    I need some help/tips about installing a mod chip/hacking the Wii. I'm a total noob in this area but I hope someone will help me anyway.
    I'm an quite experienced Xbox 360 modder/flasher so at least I'm not a total newbie in console-hacking area.

    First thing's first. From what I can tell there's no other way than installing a mod chip to play burned Wii-games/use homebrew-stuff. Or is there? Since I belive there isn't i start off with some questions about installing a mod chip.

    1) To install a mod chip I have to open the console. I've seen some videos about how to do this but I don't know if I can open the Wii without buying any extra tools/kits. For example the screwdrivers that I have to use for unscrewing the screws. Do I have to use special screwdrivers for this or do "regular" screwdrivers work? I have alot of screwdrivers/bits so if I can use "regular" screwdrivers I think I will find some screwdrivers that can work, but if I'll need special screwdrivers for the Wii-screws then I don't have it (of course).
    And apart from the screwdrivers I don't need any extra tools, right? Except for maybe a razorblade and some tape that the guy in the video Wii Solderless Modchip Tutorial (Part 1) @ YouTube talks about in the beginning but that I already have at home.
    *Didn't link to the YouTube-clip because it is a little bit annoying with a YouTube-clip right in the middle of the text like this*

    2) I know there are different mod chips for the Wii but what mod chip do you recommend? I prefer a solderless but if a mod chip that you have to solder is better than a solderless I would like to know that.
    As a mentioned earlier I want to be able to play burned Wii-games and use homebrews when I've installed the mod chip. Those are the main reasons why I want to chip my Wii so I want the mod chip to manage that.

    3) Can you play burned games online without getting banned or something like that? I havn't used the onlinefunctions on Wii (yet?) so I don't know how that works at all. Maybe the "onlinesafety" depends on what chip I pick and if so, are there any "onlinesafe" chips?

    4) Do you have to update some chips with "new information"? If so, how? Do you have to open up the Wii (again) to do this update or you can do it from a burned CD for example?

    I think that's all my questions for now but more questions will surely "pop up" and then I'll write them here.

    I hope someone wants to help me an answer my questions, even though I've written alot and it may seem tough to read the whole text.

    Thanks in advance!


    P.S Since I'm new to this forum I'm not sure if this is the right forumpart to post this thread. If it's not than some Mod+ are more than welcome to move this thread to the right section.

    P.S #2 I'm from Sweden and I'm 16 years old so my English isn't very good but I hope you understand what I mean anyway.
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    You don't need a mod chip to play backup games or run any of the momebrew.

    1) You'll need a tri-wing screwdriver, they often sell them on modchip sites with your order for an extra fee. You'll also need a small screwdriver for the other screws, the Wii case has a mixture.

    2) I have no issues with my Wiiclip fitted Wiikey2, it seems to work just fine. Wherther it'll work with yours, I don't know. Some say you should solder and it is cheaper that way but for ease of use clipping the thing on was jnust too simple.

    3) Yes. All chips are safe online, so is softmodding.

    4) Burnt DVD, the Wii doesn't do CDs (afaik).

    Hope that helps.
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    Alright, thank you very much for your answer Tealc99. If someone would like to add something or answer my questions below he or she should of course do so.

    If I don't need a mod chip to play backup games/run homebrews how will I mod the Wii so it will do that? I understand that I'll have to use some kind of softmod but could you tell me how to do it more exactly? A link to a good tutorial for this maybe?

    Some more questions about your answers..

    1) The small screwdriver that I'll also need, is that a screwdriver that I might have at home or should I try to find a kit with both the tri-wing screwdriver and a small screwdriver?

    2) Okay, Wiiclip + WiiKey2 sounds good. But what differences are there between the WiiKey2 and the other chips on the market, for example the DriveKey, the d2ckey and/or the Argon2 chip?

    3) Great!

    4) Sorry, I meant burned DVD's.

    Edit: A little edit in my reply to the second question.
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    1) It's not that small that it's special, you may have one kicking about. Before you order take a peek under the little screw covers and the GC flaps.

    2) Wiis have different drive chips inside them, so you must find out which drive chip you have by checking your serial number, which will tell you which chips are available to you. I don't have a link handy for this.
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    Alright, thanks again for your answer.

    One more question.. :P

    2) Are the chips avalilable for my drive chip quite equal then? So a cheap chip can work as good as a expensive for example?


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