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Thread: Question about Bricked WII unit.

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    Question about Bricked WII unit.

    Just have a general question if someone happens to have a bricked wii console, Can they try the Maintenance mode?

    Just curious if it will even make it to this step thus allowing your console to load software from a SD card to restore it. Just a thought.

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    Not sure, maintainence mode hasn't been explored to much yet. But if your wii is bricked there are a few companies out there who claim they can fix it.

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    Symptoms of part brick and them?

    I understand a partial brick of a japanese console has the following :
    Opera Browser but not functional.
    You cant get int the settings (spanner)
    You can play all of the previous registered games.

    Do not know how to un-brick.
    Need a japanese game with latest bios upgrade ?????
    Would like to know what is the latest bios and on which japanese game !!!


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