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Thread: Usb loaderGX with SSBB

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    Question Usb loaderGX with SSBB

    Trying to get SSBB to work error free with usbloader check compat list and states it should be fine.So the game does boot and play but will randomly just cut to an error message onscreen saying "An error has occurred.
    Press the Elect Button, remove the Game Disc, and turn the power off. Please read the Wii operations manual for more information."

    Is there any work around or fix for this any help would be appreciated

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    Bits are taken from another one of my posts:

    I installed IOS's 38,53,55 found here:

    I'm also using Hermes 223 60 merged with 36 so I changed it to 223 in the game load settings. Saved and ran the game. Loaded subspace emissary, won a battle, now it continues without disc read error! Most awesome.

    You can find hermes here:
    GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial: Hermes' Ios222/223

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    thanks but i've tried 223 and it still gives the error after first win

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    Are you sure you have 60 merged with 36 and 223 set in the games settings? Also, I installed 38, 53, 55 after I installed hermes, maybe thats what got it working for me. CIOS Rev 14 here as well.

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    hermes doesnt give the option of 60 with 36 all i get is 60 with 38

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    How did you copy the program to your hdd?
    Did you use GX or did you downloaded it from a torrent?

    Use ULoader to copy the disc, I had problems uploading it to my hdd using GX. Just copy the disc and then run it under GX using IOS222. I suppose GX has problems copying DL discs still. I've had the same problem with SSBB myself. This solution works better than anything else I tried...
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