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Thread: best softmod method to 4.x ??

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    Question best softmod method to 4.x ??

    Hi all!
    I have Wii Virgin 4.1E LEH1...
    I want to make softmod but in recommended tutorials section i find 2 different softmod methods:

    1)3.1-4.1 Softmod for any wii
    2) Wii Softmod for dummies 4.1

    which is the best (safe/secure) softmod method for my wii?

    first softmod method installs bootmii and run trucha bug restorer to make some donwgrades...

    second softmod method used Loadmii to make downgrade and also uses cMIOS installer...

    I'm confused !!
    the donwgrade to a certain IOS and instalation of cIOS is necessary to make softmod?

    Don't know which is the best softmod method..can anyone help me?

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    I recommend 3.1-4.1 SoftMod for any wii and if you have a wii bought before September 2008 then you should be able to install bootmii as boot2.

    The cIOS installation allows it to be possible to play your game backups. But for the installation to work it needs a vulnerable IOS that it could run of off. This should be pretty safe since it doesn't touch the system IOS which in your case is IOS60.

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    i used 3.1-4.1 on my 4.1u wii and it worked and i now use usbloadergx to load games off a passport


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