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Thread: problems getting vc games to play

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    problems getting vc games to play

    hi guys. i cant get vc games to play. i have hbc and backup channel working. i can install wads fine through the hbc using wad installer but when i click on the channel that they install on and hit start it says this channel cant be used. any help would be great. also ive tried both pal and ntfs

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    I'm not claiming to know all that much here, but I've only recently installed a few VC *.wads onto my Wii, and they run smoothly. Just a few things I think everyone would like clarified:

    1) What system firm-ware are you currently running?
    2) Are you ensuring that the *.wads you are installing match your region? Also, have you tried using Region-Free *.wads?
    3) Have you tried using Waninkoko's "WAD Manager" app instead of Wad Installer?


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