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Thread: Wii Games on sd

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    Wii Games on sd

    hi all, i have a wii with homebrew channel and firmware version 3.4U. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to play games from an sd card or usb drive, like on a psp? any help on this would be really appreciated.

    Many Thanks in advance

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    There are guides around here, search the forum tutorial section.

    U will need to install neogammar7. If you do not have homebrew channel and your wii is virgin follow this guide TO THE LETTER!!or else you will brick your wii

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    i do have homebrew channel installed and i have a few apps like wii earth and homebrew channel browser installed. I also have mcplayer fully working. I have neogammar7 and mario kart.iso downloaded but dont know what to do with them in order to play games from sd or usb.

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    ok download WBFS manager, connect your hard disc to the pc. Run WBFS manager and it will ask you to choose the drive. You will select the letter of the external HDD. Then you will have to format your HDD using WBFS format. This will erase the contents of your HDD and make it impossible for windows to open,bear that in mind. The only way to load games from your pc is choosing the browse button, bottom right in WBFS manager, you find it and then you press Add to drive and a couple of minutes later you have it on HDD, ready to play with neogamma

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    OK thanks now i have neogamma installed and its saying i need ios249 i dont suppose you know a link where i can get ios249 and perhaps wbfs manager please

    Many thanks in advance

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    there are links of what your looking fir in guides and tut's section

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