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Thread: update to 4.1 and still play back ups?!

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    Cool update to 4.1 and still play back-ups?!

    hi guys, first time posting on wii hacks.

    i downgraded my wii from 4.1e to 3.2e as it was recommended,however two days ago i purchased wii sports resort and couldnt play it do to needing an update. after long hard consideration and reading some of the forums on here i decided to update to 4.1e and lose my homebrew and ability to play back-ups,however.. contrary to what i read all over the net i am still able to play back-ups and use homebrew after updating.i use neogamma in homebrew. whats more my backup of wii sports resort now works as well. just thought i would post this because every forum i went on said once upgraded you cant play backups and i know there are a lot of people like myself who are wondering how to play wii sports resort without losing homebrew.any comments would be appreciated. i am a noob by the way.
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    alright buddy bit of novice myself but resort works fine on my 3.2 with zelda hack just uninstall old backup launcher and install new neogamma 7 and follow the instructions in the forum on how to play backup of wii resort all will be good easy instructions to follow hope this helps

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    Hi there u can upgrade to 4.1 using waninkokos safe updater if ur wii is connected to the internet .just check the forums though because when ur wii has been downgraded from a certain version and then upgraded using this safe udater its possible to brick ur wii

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