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Thread: how to flash Korea wii 3.5k to 4.0U

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    how to flash Korea wii 3.5k to 4.0U


    i am a beginner and hope any pros here able to teach how to flash korea wii 3.5k to 4.0U ?

    I know 3.5k korea wii has a different way of soft modding compare to 3.3K korea which can be use with banner bomb and TP

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    i will makin a guide for you and a package of software just follow it... i will make it 3.2U. you to upgrade it by your self

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    Not sure about the 3.5k but it might be able to run bannerbomb, give it a try if you can get homebrew just run any region changer but you would need a cIOS to run it.

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    hope the pros can help me with the 3.5K korea wii mod...

    BTW, anyone know what mod chip can be use to play wii resort or other latest games that requires me to update the system ???

    My drive set is D2 nothing... and i cant solder it with D2E pro chipset.... i tried using the solderless K-Bridge Modchip set , but it just load the image on the screen, but when click the game, it just black screen....

    Do help me, i wish to purchase solderless modchip that can be use with the D2 Nothing DVD rom to play all the latest games.... or any pro can show the diagram to solder the D2E pro chip on the D2 nothing dvd rom ?

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    Hey I'm in a similar situation - got a Korean wii 3.5k and want to at least change the region on it so I can play games in English. Tried using latest bannerbomb (aad1f_v108) and latest hackmii (v0.6) but no luck. Seems the 3.5k is quite a challenge?

    I've looked all over the net but still haven't found a decent guide / solution for the 3.5k. I was really hoping to softmod it but I am rapidly losing hope that this can be done...looks like I may have to try for a chip mod :/

    If anyone knows of a good solution I will buy you many, many beers.



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