Well, recently I installed USB loader GX, everything correct (following the tuturial).
I formated the USB HD in windows using the correct software, I downloaded ISO games and installed in the drive using the software in windows and I played them! Everything perfect.
The problem started when one friend gived me some games to copy to my USB HD, these games are pirated and work perfectly when I run them from the DVD.
The problem is if I want to copy them, Im using the usb loader GX to dump them to the USB HD, sometimes it give me errors (dump errors) when Im installing the game, sometimes I try the same dvd and installs the game, after that I run the game, some games works, some games when I start to play they freeze.
I don't know if Im doing something wrong, I don't think so, I think that USB loader GX is too much instable, I will try to use superdump to dump the games to a SD card and then copy them in windows.
Really I don't know to do anymore, other think is that I cannot download covers, they download but they dont appear, other problem is that I cannot upgrade the rev of GX, "dump error" after downloading the file.

Thank you