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Thread: WiiKey Unable to read disc problem

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    WiiKey Unable to read disc problem

    I installed the wiikey on an older Wii a couple of days ago. The installation went fine, but it is a really small area and I am not the best at soldering so that may be my problem.
    I tried Sony, Memorex DVD-R first because that is what I had, then tried the HP DVD-R because that was the best they had at Staples, got some Verbatim DVD-R 16x last night from Best Buy. All gave the same error "not able to read the disc" refer to manual.
    I tried several different methods of burning, all padding out the file. I tried with Nero and ImgBurn at 2x and even 1x. Two different burners with nothing else running under XP.
    I can not get the Wii to read either the 1.9b or the setup disk. When I started the firmware version was 2.2, but I updated by accident thinking it would show another screen and ask to confirm before attempting the update but it doesn't. So I have version 3.1u now. However the disks Sony/Memorex didn't work prior to the update.
    I am in the US and have NTSC.
    The sport disc works fine as do the GC disks that I have tried.

    So my questions are:
    - after installation is it the Wiikey that inables the Wii to read the DVD-Rs?
    - does this sound like an installation issue?
    - it is my understanding the it is only the setup disk that may not work right with the 3.1 update is that correct? Once I get it working I should update with 1.9b and then make a GC boot disk to run setup?

    Thanks so much for any help.

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    Sounds like an install problem. I've installed a few and both times i had to go back and re-solder a little(just adding a little solder) to make them work. I recommend double checking your solder points and possibly taking it to a professional for some help.


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