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Thread: Softmod Guide for 4.1 Firmware

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    Softmod Guide for 4.1 Firmware

    Check out this tutorial for softmodding your Nintendo Wii. Consoles Hackjunkie's Blog

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    It is old noone should follow that. It won't work with LU64 models use this one instead

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    Why should noone follow that guide if it works for models that aren't LU64?

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    Because it is old as i said. It gives you Neogamma r6 while we are on 7. Also it takes far more steps than th good and tested one and works for all wiis whatsoever

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    I disagree on you ruthlessly and inconsideratly discrediting the guide so quickly, as it works on all Wii's except the ones mentioned in the guide.. And you mean Neogamma R7 beta? It works great with 4.1 honestly, if your Wii is not LU64++, this guide is perfect!
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    Do they pay you to post this guide here or what? General guides are better because they work for all wiis there are, this one does not. Also Hackmii is beta2 on your guide why are you using it, since it is a beta? (by the way most current version is on beta3 probably no alpha version will ever come up). Also it does not tell you to install preloader, so for those who cannot install bootmii as boot2 no protection... it does not install ioses 38-50-53-55 which are needed for new games.
    Finally Neogamma has never been reported for problems...
    For your information there is also Neogamma r8 beta1 which is still under tests...

    Do you want me to find more defects of this guide?

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    No I don't get paid for it.. I have tried a few guides that haven't worked and these instructions really worked for me. So I decided to pass on the information for those that are out there that may have had the same problems as myself. It's all out of good intent, I appreciate criticism, so I can learn and change things in the future.
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