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Thread: Gamecube Pal on Ntsc

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    Gamecube Pal on Ntsc

    I have tried cioscorp through disc channel and wiigator gamecube loader. When i try to load a pal backup i have tried all options in launcher and i either get a green screen or a black one.NTSC games work fine.Anyone have an answer?

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    ok dude i have figed it out pal gamecubes dont load unless they are 1:1 copy with no error like i got windwaker and it wont load b/c its pal it just restarts my wii your best bet is geting ntsc games from tpb website google the pirate bay

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    try, 600+ NTSC ISO's.

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    Thanx. Both of you's thepurplecube is definately what i was looking for


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