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Thread: Do running backups from dvd-r disks harm my wii?

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    Do running backups from dvd-r disks harm my wii?

    I was playing a backup today and my wii sounded like it was working harder than usual. A bunch of clicking sounds, and the laser was moving back and forth to read the disk more rapidly then usual. Is this harming my wii?
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    It is questionable, but it is believed that yes it does. I don't think i have to lecture you about Verbatim dvd-rs burned at 1x

    Try a HDD.

    Also i noticed that with CoD it does it ALL the time, so i avoid loading through disc

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    If you're hearing louder than normal noises coming from your Wii playing backups, then it may just be working harder to read the disc, as for how long your Wii can keep this up, ???, you may be better off installing a USB Loader if you're worried about your Wii taking a dump. Have you tried a lens cleaner? I play GameCube backups (and a few Wii backups) and don't notice any clicking noises but I normally use a USB Loader.


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