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Thread: Brick help (had bootmii but stopped working)

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    Brick help (had bootmii but stopped working)

    I was softmodding my friends wii, had it all done except the nand backup. I accidentally installed a 4.1 theme (its same one i have, and he liked it) cept he was running 3.4U!!
    so when i rebooted the theme started but the H&S screen never continued. I had BootMii on boot2 and i booted it and HBC ran fine, i tried to find a 3.4 theme to put on it, with no luck. i tried anyregion changer, but the wiimote wouldn't work and the GC controller worked fine in just about everything BUT the region changer. I found the original theme and went to install it and then bootmii wouldn't work any more!
    i tried the SD in my wii and BootMii came right up.

    i have tried the SaveMiiFrii and i get the 3.4USA on the screen but i only have SSBB and wiifit games and they dont do anything.

    Please help if you can.

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    can you load preloader by booting while holding reset button?

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    I never installed preloader, as i thought BootMii would be just as good.

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    man u need the nand backup to restore your wii... did nt you read this?

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    Yes, i read it all.
    Even if i had the nand back up, boot mii wont boot any more.
    has anyone ever seen that?

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    well see this


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