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Thread: RawkSD "Out of Date"

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    RawkSD "Out of Date"

    I have been trying for more than 3 weeks to get RawkSD to work. I upgraded to frimware 4.0, I installed the latest backup launcher I could find (Neo Gamma r7) and updated the cIOS249 to rev14, but it still says that the files are out of date. Is there still something I need to upgrade or does this only work on games launched from the disc channel? Is anyone able to use RawkSD on a backed up copy of Rock Band 2? Thanks in advance to anyone that has any ideas or suggestions because I'm really starting to get frustrated with this.

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    I struggled with this too. What worked for me in the end was booting RB2 using Gecko 1.9. For some reason that worked like a dream. Good luck!

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    captainzub, where you using the original game? I am coming to the conclusions that you need the actual game and not a backup copy.

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    no no, i'm using a backup and it works fine now.
    you may need to run CIOSBUGFIX37.wad

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    I ran the CIOS37 Patch that came with RawkSD, is that the same thing or do I need this other WAD as well?

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    there is a new onw in look for it


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