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Thread: Question about updating

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    Question about updating

    Hi everyone!

    Great forums, amazing guides, helpful people (from what I've seen).

    Anyways, I recently softmodded my Wii using I think the first tutorial on the stickies page (by Dog something?) Anyway, it was really clear and easy to follow.

    I'm backing up games constantly and about to get an external HDD so I can dump them all and play without disc-swapping and all that annoying stuff.

    I'm running: 4.1U Sysmenu, cIOS249rev14, and all of the latest .WADs (such as USB Loader, Neogamma, etc).

    A few questions:

    1. How often does Nintendo update to a newer Sysmenu and ultimately foil the softmod?

    2. When they DO update, how often is allowing the update necessary to run newer games? I had read that a recent update only changed a minor thing and didn't affect hacks at all.

    3. Is this site usually pretty good with posting warnings about new Sysmenu releases? If so, where can I find a sticky/thread regarding it?

    4. What would you all recommend to keep up to date with HBC, USB Loader, Neogamma, etc. I'm pretty sure none except HBC update themselves, so do you have any ideas?

    5. When playing emulators, is there any way to have the emulator load ROMs from an external HDD rather than an SD card? I would imagine it depends largely on the coding of the emulator, but letting me know which ones (if any) support that feature would be amazingly helpful.

    6. I'm running 4.1U Sysmenu. I hear a lot of talk about how 3.2 is superior, etc. Am I "missing out" on anything by running the latest menu? A brief explanation of why some people use the lower Sysmenu is all I need.

    I think that's it. I'll post any new questions as I think of them.

    Kudos to a great site with very helpful people (and the tutorials were amazing!)

    I didn't know what a single thing was or any necessary terminology before coming to this site two days ago and now I'm at leastly mildly fluent.


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    I think this is the guide you followed:

    They isn't any particular time they update but here's a link for an idea how often nintendo makes an updates:
    System Menu - WiiBrew
    as for foiling, here's some history:
    the first Twilight hack was released then was blocked by the 3.4 update then another Twilight Hack was released and then completely killed with 4.0. Then came bannerbomb which was not stopped in the 4.1 and now even when bannerbomb hasn't been foiled. There's Smash Stack, an exploit with Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    And its not required to update to run newer games you could just extract or download the IOSs that where included in the update so you keep your homebrew and still able to play backups.

    There isn't any particular sticky about warnings on the next update but as far as i seen as soon as new update comes out, someone starts a thread about it.

    5. Not sure about the emulator from hdd. I know you can play from SD or DVD.

    6. Since 3.2 has a very important bug in it for homebrew many apps are developed for it such as Starfall and Preloader but there is now Preloader for 4.0/4.1. So if you have to problems on 4.1 then i dont think there's any need to downgrade.
    And you don't need to update when Nintend

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    That's exactly what I was looking for in regards to the Sysmenu.

    So from what I gather...One of the main reasons people use 3.2 is it's more or less the latest version DIRECTLY before the attempts to stop the Twilight hack?

    So basically, when I'm given the option to update a Sysmenu now, I should not do so until consulting that Wiki/the forums in order to determine if it affects a game I play or something like that, right?

    I don't want to update the Sysmenu post-4.1U if I don't have to, is what I'm getting at.

    Based on your reply, it sounds like I won't have to do so.

    IF a new Sysmenu blocks bannerbomb (which I modded using), would the softmod be foiled if I upgraded?

    If I didn't upgrade and that was the primary focus of the patch, can I ignore it and stay on 4.1U?

    Any side effects to doing that?

    Thanks for the great reply.

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    You should basically never update that would remove all your homebrew and may even block out all exploits to reinstall. Discs will ask you for an update also, so that's why you use Preloader v0.29 or StarPatch but since you followed DogEggs guide you should already have had Preloader.

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    Official Nintendo updates seem to surface about every 6 months plus or so. Unless theres a major bug with a previous firmware thats needs to be addressed they'll pump out another one with some minor tweaks. It may be a good hot minute before another official major update surfaces with any real menu changes and softmod blocks. When those official updates do surface DO NOT update through Nintendo if you want to keep your Wii Frankensteined out with all its softmodded functions. Just wait a few days for Waninkokos firmware updater to surface then one can update keeping all the softmods and experience the best of both worlds. Though with any firmware update menu loaders (Pre-loader etc.) are overwritten and have to be re-installed.
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