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Thread: d2c wii fuul brick

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    Question d2c wii full brick

    hi...i have a d2c wii full brick...when i turn on wii bootmii is run and i can go to hbc but my wii remote can't work and gc pad is work...please help me
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    so you can run homebrew? and control via GC controller?

    What did you do before you bricked?

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    yes....update to 4.0j with wad manager1.3 but error = ret -1022
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    what did you patch the ios60 first?

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    i instal ios 60 first and next instal s menu 4.0j but error...

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    try reinstalling the same system menu.
    I presume you have the wad file still. Try to reinstall via wadmanager from preloader menu.

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    i haven't preloder...

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    Ok you have a nand backup though right? restore your nand with bootmii

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    i haven't nand backup of bootmii but i have nand dump of wiind..


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