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Thread: Wii Game (Resort) no longer working

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    Wii Game (Resort) no longer working

    Hey guys,

    Newbie on the Wii Hack i have just modded my Wii. (Dont ask me what version as im freshly on the scene and haven't got up to speed with the Wii dialect

    I have an issue with a game i downloaded. It has already been scrubbed and was in ISO form so just used Nero to burn onto a LG DVD-R. Now before everyone tells me that the LG discs are crap (i know), i actually got it working! However after i removed the disc from the Wii Console (to play another game which worked), it no longer worked. I tried burning it again...and it worked the first times, but it seems that whenever i remove it from the console, it wont work when re-inserted.

    The game appears in Wii menu, and allows me to start. it recognises the remote, but then halts at a screen which says that the Wii cannot read the disk...and refers me to the operations manual.

    Any clues on what may cause the issue? i will eventually go out to buy some verbatim's but given that it worked initially, not sure if there is a deeper issue involved.

    I apologize, but have only done a limited search in the forum's, but there was nothing that was striking a similar cause.

    Look forward to all your recommendations.


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    Did you try Verbatims??

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    Read my guide

    It has everything you'll need to play WSR

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