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Thread: Thumb->PC-> HDD? little help please.

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    Thumb->PC-> HDD? little help please.

    Good evening,
    I have been roaming these forums for quite some time now and have been able to search and get my answers through the many helpful tutorials and guides that are posted here without having to bother anyone and am grateful for all the time many of you have spent helping people like myself solve problems.

    This is my first post so I'll try to give all the necessary information and offer many thanks in advance.
    - softmodded Wii
    - 8Gb thumb drive
    - 400Gb external hard drive
    - ver 4.1u
    - WBFS Manager 3.01 (most recent update)
    latest homebrew
    latest usb loader

    First, I was curious if it was true that the hard drive needed to be formatted to FAT32 previous to being reformatted by the usb loader. This means that the partition can only be 200 Gb and usb loader seems to only recognize one partition. I originally did it in NTFS and usb loader formatted, wrote, and read from it fine but redid it to FAT32 after reading that post.

    Second, and my orginal issue:
    I had used the usb loader to rip some of the games to a thumb drive. These rips work great. I used usb loader to rip games to the hard drive; they did fine. When I use WBFS Manager to pull the files off the thumb drive to transfer them from the thumb drive to the hard drive using the straight transfer and I've tried copying them to my PC hard drive then copying them over to the external. I've tried using the WBFS Manager to format the external. EVERY attempt to read these files from the external using the Wii results in a black screen. The files read fine using the thumb drive. The files I have on the external are fine. Just not these. It's driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.

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    A week and no help? Do I just appear beyond all hope or is it just so unique of an issue?


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