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Thread: Newest Backup Launcher

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    Newest Backup Launcher

    I am running firmware 4.0 and are looking for the newest, latest backup launcher available. I am using wiigator .3 but I'm having issues with Rock Band 2's DLC and saving to the SD card and am looking for the most current backup launcher. Thanks in advance, and if you have a link to download said backup launcher I would greatly appreciate it.

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    The most current backup loader is NeoGamma R7 not sure if there is R8 yet. But its somewhere on the site just search for NeoGamma R7. Its a modified version of Gamma and has more features like an anti 002 fix and alternate dols for games like wii sports resort.

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    NeoGamma r8 is out but its on beta1 stage, and is supposed to have a lot of bugs


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