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Thread: Injected Wad Request... please respond someone... Please!

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    Injected Wad Request... please respond someone... Please!

    Hi, this is only my second post (counting my intro). I have tried to use search function and do things on my own as much as possible so as to prevent any lame - flame inducing - threads. However, at this point I have to request help because I cannot find these wads anywhere.

    I would like injected copies (NTSC) of the very first shinobi (preferably sega, but nes will do), super double dragon for the nes and double dragon 5 (V), I also believe for the snes.

    I have done mad searches and come up short on these three titles. If they are possible, please help me out. If not, please let me know.

    Again, I would like in NTSC format:

    Shinobi (original)
    Super Double Dragon
    Double Dragon 5 (V)

    Please help.

    Oh, and to whom it may concern, I love this site. It has answered 99.9 percent of all questions with an easy quick search.

    Thanks for taking time to check this out. Someone please help a brother out.


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    I did a few of these earlier, and got a "system files corrupt" error on one of them. So I had to unbrick through preloader/HBC/anytitledeleter.

    It's not for me to say, but I advise you to get the emulators and maybe forwarder channels for them instead.

    This is what one of them could look like.

    The emulators are found on
    Forwarder channels are found on lots of forums, and on

    If not, you could try one of these links:
    *~Auto Injectuwad Injector~* -kept updated- -

    Wii.DS-Scene - View Topic: Injectuwad 2.3

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    Have you checked out this post, click here

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    still no luck, and yes... I had been through that thread before. Its great, but no luck with those games.


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