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Thread: Possible way to un-brick

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    Possible way to un-brick

    Hey guys,

    I didn't find nething particular to this. This is just my train of thought from reading all the threads online.

    Wii with D2pro modchip /w wiiclip

    Had a semi-brick(cannot access system settings), upon trying to fix it, full brick (get an opera error message on bootup)

    Firmware version from doing the GC controller trick shows 3.4USA

    Possible Fix?

    DriveKey install on another wii and turn autoboot on and Update blocker to Import.

    Run a game with the latest firmware update (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 - 4.1) and should fix the problem?

    Thanks for any insight

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    i got the same problem too.. what i did is use the recovery 1.3.1 disk make a save all of a good working wii then restore it back to my brick wii.. and system menu will come back. then you could use homebrew and downgrade it back to 3.2 then upgrade it back to what you want.

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    Thats the thing. I didnt' do the save all first and went to delete all. Rushing into it before reading doesn't help at all. There where I get the opera error message. So i was considering the method that i just wrote up.


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