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Thread: Need help with installing wads

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    Need help with installing wads

    Hey people, please please please pardon me for my noobishness. I've been running my Wii on a modchip and have not tried softmodding until I came upon monster hunter tri. So please pardon my lack of knowledge.

    I apparently need to install IOS55 + Bugfix and IOS60. I do have WAD manager and looked at some wad installing tutorials but I'm a little worried about installing them. Before any IOS are installed, there is a section that says "Select IOS version to use." Does it matter which IOS to use?

    My setup:

    Softmods: HBC, Bootmii , CIOS Rev14, NeoGamma Backup Launcher R6, Patched IOS60

    Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you for your patience for reading this.

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    It may sometime matter what IOS you use to install the wad, using an IOS without the trucha bug to install with may give an error, is you plan on installing IOSs, select IOS249.

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    Thanks alot for replying shadow. Appreciate it.


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