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Thread: I gotta a Brick issue.....

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    I gotta a Brick issue.....

    So my Wii is fully bricked, just black screen when I load the systemmenu from preloader v.29.

    I bricked it installing a custom theme (.cms)

    I have both Preloader and BootMii installed (BootMii is only an IOS thou) I also backed up my nand to my PC.

    Both Preloader and Homebrew work just fine, but I cant seem to restore my wii.

    I tried using bootmii to restore my nand but get an error saying it might be corrupt if you want to continue hit A+B+X+Y (Im a bit scared to do that though)
    I heard that if i just install the original systemmenu using mymenuify it will fix my brick ???

    My Wii is a 4.0U

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    You could use cIOS Downgrader or Any Region Changer to re-install a new system menu, you just download cIOS Downgrader from my signature and unzip it. Then put the unzipped folder of cIOS Downgrader into the apps folder on your sd card then load homebrew channel and run cIOS Downgrader and select 3.2 of your region.
    3.2u for USA. That's just a guess since the custom theme corrupted the system menu using cIOS Downgrader would install a new system menu and IOS.

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    when i run cIOS Downgrader from homebrew it goes straight to black screen ???

    Trying any region changer now fingers crossed
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    I can not thank you enough SS

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    I have to thank you too SS2. Cios downgrader worked for me.

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    Wouldn't reinstalling the Wii's original System Menu theme work? Sorrry for bumping the post.


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