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Thread: Some Advice Needed

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    Some Advice Needed

    Hey everyone,

    Decided to sign up and ask a few questions if you don't mind. Thanks ahead of time!

    I'm wondering if I purchase a DriveKey, if it ONLY plays Wii and Gamecube games or can I play N64 roms too? Might be a stupid question, and yes I have read the DriveKey site, but I'm just making sure.

    Also, am I able to use a USB stick instead of a SD card for my wii if I'm interested in running HomeBrew (if I can't already play N64 roms using DriveKey)?

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

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    I've never heard of a modchip having the ability to boot N64 roms. As far as my knowledge stretches to you'll need an SD card to install homebrew so you can install the N64 wad channels you'll need. There isn't really a viable N64 emulator that works right now. You can run emulators off a USB stick once you have them installed on your Wii so you'd need an SD card at least for a little while.
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